Turkey remains a conundrum

Concerned by policymaking risks, analysts are lukewarm on junk-status Turkey’s prospects, despite the fact it compares favourably alongside investment grades.

Ghana’s next oil boom is just around the corner

The sovereign has recorded one of the largest improvements of any sub-Saharan borrower this year in Euromoney’s country risk survey – the recovering oil market, contract certainty and plans to expand the extractive industry explain why.

SME lending: Small is beautiful for banks and non-banks

Lending to small firms in Europe has traditionally been the preserve of the banks; they have the networks and relationships to originate deals for these types of clients, but non-banks now have this business firmly in their sights.

Investment banking: Fixed income rules the roost again at US CIBs

Last year was far from a vintage year for the big five US corporate and investment banking franchises, with almost no business lines seeing an overall increase in revenues in 2016, but the gains in fixed income sales and trading were enough to inch CIB division revenues up by 1.4% to $142 billion.