Sideways: Buffett and Icahn – old dogs stick to old tricks

Veteran investor Carl Icahn has filed a lawsuit accusing Occidental Petroleum chief executive Vicki Hollub of being played by Warren Buffett in accepting aggressive terms for a $10 billion financing from Berkshire Hathaway to complete an agreed bid of around $56 billion for Anadarko.

Sideways: Deutsche Bank's Garth Ritchie – the Brexit thinker

The news that Garth Ritchie, head of investment banking at Deutsche Bank, is being paid €250,000 a month for extra responsibility 'in connection with the implications of Brexit' has been condemned in Germany, where politicians and union leaders are preparing to oppose a potential merger with Commerzbank and associated job cuts.

Sideways: JPM Coin – to ubiquity and beyond!

JPMorgan is trying to advance its master plan for global fintech domination with a discipline that is often lacking in a sector better known for wildly over-promising than actually delivering practical solutions.

Sideways: The Fed – I’m a central banker... get me out of here!

As Mario Draghi begins his victory lap before stepping down as president of the ECB in October 2019 and his colleagues get down to the serious business of competing for the succession, they will no doubt give thanks that they do not face trial by Twitter in the same way as Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell.