Mexico: Banks free Pemex from bondage

HSBC, JPMorgan and Mizuho lend Mexico’s oil company $8 billion after investors show no interest in non-deal roadshow – and that’s the least of the firm’s problems.

Banks must re-embrace public stakeholders

From Deutsche Bank to Santander or ING, banks in Europe need to change with the times and accept accountability to a wider public, represented by their governments: as with weak capital, deficient ethics will only entail greater state control.

The battle for Privatbank: part two

Handing Ukraine’s largest bank back to its former shareholders would amount to economic suicide – but speculation is rising that leading presidential candidates plan to do just that.

Time is running out for Greek NPLs

The Greek banks’ bad debt reduction targets look eye-wateringly ambitious for a country that is only just getting to grips with a coordinated strategy to deal with the issue.