Santander’s second LatAm engine

Santander’s Brazilian bank took lots of deserved acclaim when Santander released its global third-quarter results, but keep an eye on Mexico.

Moldova: O tempora, O Tories!

Britain’s Conservative Party has been at pains to distance itself from the mainstream of European politics in recent years, but seems remarkably comfortable in its murkier shallows.

Bolsonaro’s Trumpian pact

Jair Bolsonaro's election today as Brazil’s next president could well spell more market upside, but the nationalist protectionism that is likely to follow should give investors pause

Don’t bank on Euribor surviving 2020

Euribor’s administrator is confident that its reforms to the benchmark will make it eligible to be published and used after the Benchmark Regulation’s transition period ends.

Shahril takes charge of Khazanah

The choice of Malaysia's Employees Provident Fund as the next head of the country's sovereign wealth fund is intriguing for both institutions

Broken China should scare LatAm

Any slowdown in the economy of the country that consumes so much local output will bring short-term pain and should be a long-term warning.

CEE banking: Heaven or hell

A proposed tie-up between UniCredit and Société Générale would be a real game changer in the region: complementary and challenging.

Alipay offers some lessons on open banking

China is going cashless and cardless fast, with hundreds of millions of wealthy consumers leaping ahead to mobile wallets and providing some valuable insights for the possible future of open banking in Europe.