Obstacles to institutional crypto trading remain slow to clear

Some of the proffered solutions to the difficulties of attracting real money into the cryptocurrency market continue to be of the ‘which came first’ variety, such as the hope that increased liquidity from market maturity will lead to reduced volatility.

SocGen and Absa mull CIB tie-up

Partnership could replace broken Barclays links; follows rumours of sale of Société Générale South Africa custody unit to Absa.

Forese aims high with CIB rejig at Citi

Citi is mostly playing catch-up with its new corporate and investment banking (CIB) structure: it makes obvious sense, but despite coming later than many rivals it is still a work in progress.

Singapore FX market riding high on world events

The southeast Asian FX market is on fire and it is set to get a further boost thanks to a combination of political and economic turbulence, a regulator committed to facilitating infrastructure investment and increased interest from non-bank market makers.