PSD2 deadline catalyst for bank action

In the month since the deadline of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), there has been little obvious change in how banks are allowing companies and consumers access to their customer accounts.

Whistleblowing: still a risky business

Industry experts on whistleblowing have been lobbying hard for reform, but it is still often the case that whistleblowers with the best of intentions have found themselves in legal grey areas, ending up blacklisted, bankrupt and unable to work in the City again.

KYC reform catches up with tech evolution

As correspondent banking becomes fraught with issues, but remains a central aspect of business, the industry is seeing an overhaul of its guidelines to ensure high standards of due diligence while still allowing business to flow.

Swift customers step up to standards

Most companies using Swift have met the deadline for attesting to the customer security controls framework (CSCF), paving the way for stronger security and control in payments messaging.