Can credit pop Brazil’s fintechs?

As the number of financial technology startups in Brazil balloons, there is a growing sense that the pin to puncture their growth is one critical area of operation: credit.

Facebook’s Libra isn’t finished yet

The political and regulatory backlash has driven leading payments companies out of the Libra association, but a new version of the revolutionary stablecoin may yet appear.

Airline-style alliances in banking look set to take off

The Trade Club Alliance, a new 14-bank partnership to match SME exporters and importers, reflects greater willingness among banks – especially in Europe – to work together against low-cost newcomers, while relinquishing their own global ambitions.

VTB bets big on digital

VTB has long lagged state-owned rival Sberbank in terms of profitability, but with sanctions limiting access to capital the pressure is on to close the gap – chairman Andrey Kostin explains why digital transformation and aggressive retail growth hold the key to success for Russia’s second-largest lender.

Transaction banking's trailblazers

Driven by changes in technology and many new entrants to the business, transaction banking is no longer a boring, old, but stable revenue earner, chugging along in the background.

Korea gets the digital banking bug

Korea’s first two digital banks have had very different starts: one, kakaobank, is a clear success story; the other, K Bank, badly needs funding but is caught up in a problem around its would-be-biggest shareholder.

Lazard gears up for the next M&A cycle

The winners in M&A advisory are supposed to be the firms with the best-connected and most-knowledgeable industry experts to advise chief executives, but Lazard’s CEO wants more data scientists to help advisers upgrade their tools for predicting how shareholders will respond to takeover deals.

Ping An Bank: Change everything

One to watch in China is this transformed financial institution, which claims not only that it knows what its customers want – but how to give it to them, too, in a digital world.

DBS: Leading from the front

Of all the financial institutions to watch in Asia, when it comes to digital banking, DBS is the one to focus on, having set the template for banks across the world to follow.

E.Sun Commercial Bank: Scaling the heights?

As well as investing heavily in digital in-house capabilities, this Taiwanese financial instiution is keeping an eye out for acquisitions – and, in turn, Asia and international banks should keep an eye on it.

WeBank: China’s financial unicorn

This Chinese financial institution should be on everyone's digital radar, not just for being one of the world's largest unicorms, but for also trying 'to make the world flatter' – via tech.

How Facebook can win the global currency battle

Regulators, politicians, competition authorities and central bankers have all been outlining objections to the Libra project from the first day Facebook announced plans to let its 2.4 billion users exchange payments in a new virtual currency.

Mexico adds to LatAm bank gloom

Banorte CEO says market will be 'surprised' by what comes next for the bank; fintech growth unlikely to impact bank growth in the short-term.

EMS survey highlights FX traders’ platform predicament

A reluctance to dispense with legacy technology, combined with heightened regulatory oversight and changing liquidity provision from banks, has seriously complicated the execution management system (EMS) selection process for FX traders.

Testing times for aspiring fintechs

The FCA’s live market test facility has enabled a variety of capital markets-related fintech companies to test their business models and technologies in a controlled environment.

WeLab: A fintech experiment succeeds in Hong Kong

Ex-Citibanker Simon Loong is playing a long game – he has assembled some powerful backers for his Hong Kong fintech and now, armed with a new virtual banking licence, he wants WeLab to take on the territory’s established banking incumbents.

Sri Lanka dawdles in digital

Its local banks have invested heavily in technology, but many customers still prefer the old-fashioned ways: paper ledgers and physical tellers.

India's fintech needs to break free

The country’s fintech sector has enormous potential, but it is being hobbled by a host of factors, from inconsistent regulations to a damaging credit crunch affecting local non-bank finance companies.

Bangladesh: The City Bank goes all-in on digital

A new chief executive is busy rolling out a bold strategy to make it the country’s biggest lender, with the help of some of the savviest names in the business – bKash, Grameenphone and China’s Ant Financial Services.

Tech investments bear fruit for global transaction banks

New data collected by business intelligence provider Coalition show that in 2018 global transaction banking recorded the highest revenues since 2010 – and bankers believe this is largely down to the fact that investment in tech is finally paying off.

Sea sells Sea shares on the NYSE

The performance of the share price in Sea was unusually strong; part of the reason is the magic name Tencent on the shareholder register.

Digital retail: Latin America’s banking revolution

The region’s leading banks produce some of the best numbers in the global industry, and success in retail banking – and a hard-learned approach to risk management – are core; could the growth of digital banking bring a new era of change?

Sideways: JPM Coin – to ubiquity and beyond!

JPMorgan is trying to advance its master plan for global fintech domination with a discipline that is often lacking in a sector better known for wildly over-promising than actually delivering practical solutions.

Hungary’s MKB restructures around digital

Can the combination of core banking system replacement and a pioneering fintech programme help re-privatized lender MKB Bank leapfrog its rivals in the Hungarian market in the race for technological supremacy?

How digital is transforming CEE banking

Banks in emerging Europe have long outperformed many of their western peers in the race for digitalization – now a handful of pioneers are taking it to the next level and using technology to transform the banking landscape across the region.

Trade finance: Banks’ digital deficit

Digital innovation has the potential to transform international trade, yet many argue that banks are lagging in replacing antiquated systems for trade with smart solutions.

India’s wealth managers find profit in the provinces

The face of wealth management in India is changing, as vast fortunes are made by young digital disruptors and as private banks venture out of the main commercial hubs in search of untapped profit and potential in second-tier cities.

FX credit management: Keeping up with the bots

The operators of FX platforms deny that credit management has failed to keep pace with the development of automated trading – but they do acknowledge that the process could be more efficient.