Zdenek Turek: The specialists

As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our May CEE focus.

CEE home team advantage: The rise of the local investment banks

Since 2008, rising local players have gained the upper hand over risk-averse global investment banks in emerging Europe as the flow of larger deals has declined, but that could change as regional firms start to flex their muscles on the global stage and China looms large.

CEE across the decades

From communism to unbridled capitalism, from command economy to chaos to convergence, Euromoney’s coverage provides a unique insight into an unparalleled half-century in emerging Europe.

Banking: Is size the solution in CEE?

Well-capitalized, liquid and digitally sophisticated, banks in emerging Europe today are far from the clunking incumbents and fly-by-nights of the post-socialist era.