Brazil risk premium awakens for investors

A wave of protests over a wide range of political and economic grievances has rocked Brazil, despite the fruits of its decade-long commodity-driven growth having been more evenly shared than other producers.

Request for proposal: a quiet revolution

The growth of e-auctions, consultants and Sepa, as well as rising corporate demand for innovative services, means the request for proposal (RFP) – the bidding process for corporates when tapping a bank for cash-management services – is evolving to meet new demands.

BlackRock on ECB meeting

Scott Thiel, deputy chief investment officer of fundamental fixed income at BlackRock, comments on today’s ECB announcements.

Cyprus: special focus

From the disastrous initial bailout proposal to predictions of more debt restructuring, Cyprus might not just be synonymous with beach holidays for some time to come.

EM FX rout could turn into a bloodbath

The stress witnessed in local bond markets during the past few weeks has driven emerging market currencies sharply lower, but the sell-off might only just be starting.