Cyprus tests the limits of currency union

The agonizing process of agreeing a bailout in Cyprus has set troubling precedents for creditors, laid bare fractures within the European currency union and reminded investors of the ad hoc, inconsistent and arbitrary nature of its institutions’ response to sovereign crises.

Commercial cards bring rebate culture to procurement

The use of commercial cards is the norm for travel and entertainment expenditure, but there has been a big push by banks to encourage companies to adopt card-based solutions to procure higher-value items and improve cash management.

Cannabis decriminalization sparks up new investing craze

Amid political pressure to reduce cannabis-related crime, the legalization of the drug for medical usage could create a $40 billion industry in the US alone, opening up new investment opportunities – with Portugal, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic and Canada also on the radar for venture capitalists.

Q&A: Andris Vilks, Latvian finance minister

With Latvia set to join the eurozone in 2014, and Moody's upgrading its bond rating this week, finance minister Andris Vilks is confident of the benefits to the country in joining the single currency – and aware of the efforts needed to convince a sceptical population.

Asset-quality review: special focus

Euromoney investigates the market impact of the ECB’s comprehensive assessment of banks, which consists of three legs: identifying portfolios that need scrutiny; the asset-quality review (AQR); and a stress test to be completed by October 2014.