Asian green lending needs a big push

A novel green loan for Singapore-listed Wilmar has highlighted the dearth of such ESG-based borrowings in Asia, but now that the agribusiness company has provided a template, the onus is on banks and borrowers to push for change in the region.

China: Backtracking on reforms not an option

The opening up of the Chinese financial sector to majority foreign ownership is an important and strategic move, but the guidelines curtailing banking sector liberalization make it look like one step forward, two steps back.

Japan's megabanks must venture abroad

The country’s lenders face depressing conditions in their home market, with negative interest rates, razor-thin net interest margins and an ageing population.

Barclays in Japan: Double impact

Two former debt bankers – one a globetrotter, the other a lifelong Japan specialist – head Barclays’ Japanese investment banking business and present a formidable double act.