Capital markets: How to enter China

Foreign banks hoping to break into China’s capital markets will have their chance at the end of 2020, but muscling in on primary capital markets could prove expensive and risky.

Asia unprepared for end of Libor

How much work have Asian banks put in to get ready for the end of Libor on December 31, 2021? Senior bankers admit that not much progress has been made.

Cambodia: The stock exchange takes baby steps

Even on a busy day, you can hear a pin drop at the Cambodia Securities Exchange, but with a handful of new share listings and more bond issues expected in 2020, investors can hope for a slightly livelier scene.

Malaysia: Lim finds revolution hard going

Toppling a political dynasty is one thing, stabilizing Malaysia’s corruption-riddled finances is quite another, as finance minister Lim Guan Eng has discovered in his first 18 months in the job.

Stock exchanges: Kazakhstan finds two is a crowd

The government has big ambitions when it comes to the financial sector, but a second stock exchange, launched as part of a bold plan to turn the country into a Dubai on the Steppes, is a big ask when it comes to developing the nation’s capital markets.

Hong Kong: Chan aims to maintain financial order

Hong Kong’s Financial Services under-secretary is a rare species: a government official willing to talk to the media, despite holding such a tough job of keeping the SAR’s markets operating smoothly in a time of chaos.