Asian deals that define the decades

Asiamoney has chosen three deals – across equity and debt markets, and M&A – from each of the past three decades since the magazine was launched; some are good, some are bad, but all have had an undeniable impact.

Thai bourse chief sets a new course

Pakorn Peetathawatchai, president of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, is determined to harness digital platforms and launch new products to create a model exchange for the region.

The Philippines taps samurai market

The Republic of the Philippines returned to the samurai bond market in August, becoming the latest sovereign issuer to tap a yen investor base desperate for yield.

How democracy benefits Africa’s debt

In Africa, the more democratic a country is, the higher its Euromoney Country Risk score, but as the continent’s ECR grade stalls, African countries are diverging – politically and economically.

The places that finance forgot

Countries fall off the global financial grid for a host of reasons: political obtuseness, lack of sovereign recognition, the departure of correspondent banking relationships, even Ebola.