Asia: Three decades of corporate achievement

Asiamoney has recognized the most impressive companies across Asia-Pacific for the last three decades, publishing the Best Managed Companies Awards, the Corporate Governance Poll and Asia’s Outstanding Companies Poll.

China: Three decades, six leaders

As part of Asiamoney’s 30th anniversary coverage, we have selected six key individuals who have contributed more than most to the development of banking and capital markets in China.

Financial markets: What's next for China?

In 30 years, China has gone from a backward command economy to a global superpower, but what will the next 30 hold? Asiamoney picks 10 factors to watch, from the renminbi to bonds to wealth management, as we move towards the mid-century.

The inside story: Decoding the CDO black box

2006: In the approach to the 2008 global financial crisis, Euromoney became concerned about hidden risks and complications in the structured credit markets (from the imagination of Jon Macaskill).

Sideways: Buffett and Icahn – old dogs stick to old tricks

Veteran investor Carl Icahn has filed a lawsuit accusing Occidental Petroleum chief executive Vicki Hollub of being played by Warren Buffett in accepting aggressive terms for a $10 billion financing from Berkshire Hathaway to complete an agreed bid of around $56 billion for Anadarko.