SME financing: special focus

The vexed battle to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continues amid risk aversion, economic weakness, new regulations and banks’ balance-sheet repair.

Pakistan tries to break the IMF habit

Pakistan is a bailout addict, having spent 22 of the last 30 years in the fund’s intensive care, but can Imran Khan’s new government break that dependency? His finance minister says he has the cure.

Donald Trump: special focus

What has Trump's presidency meant for banking and financial markets? Unsurprisingly, things haven't gone as expected.

HKMA needs a new boss: expect an inside job

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is looking for a new chief executive to replace Norman Chan later this year, but if history is any guide, don’t expect it to look very far.

Sea sells Sea shares on the NYSE

The performance of the share price in Sea was unusually strong; part of the reason is the magic name Tencent on the shareholder register.

Latin America across the decades

Recoveries, reschedulings, crises and scandal: no region’s financial markets have been as turbulent as Latin America’s over the last five decades.

The Middle East across the decades

Working in Beirut in 1974 was a formative experience for Padraic Fallon, the long-serving editor and later chairman of Euromoney, and since then the magazine has set the standard for coverage of this often misunderstood region.

Can the Gulf break the habit of half a century?

Less than five years after Euromoney began, the Arab oil embargo gave international finance a shot in the arm and provided an extraordinary windfall to the Gulf, but as the oil boom has repeatedly turned to bust, commodity cycles have laid bare the vacuity of the region’s diversification programmes.

Middle East: Has Islamic banking set a new standard?

Islamic finance has come a long way over the past few decades, maturing into a $2.4 trillion industry, but some long-term problems remain and the recent wrangle over a Dana Gas sukuk shows credibility is still an issue.