Blockchain: Collaborate to innovate

Robert Palatnick of the DTCC says that with so much activity occurring across the industry, it is critical that all parties place standards at the heart of their DLT initiatives.

Lebanon vs the money launderers

Abdul Hafiz Mansour, the head of Lebanon’s Special Investigation Commission, has a reputation as a tough adversary of financial crime.

Inside investment: We need to talk about pensions

If you want to kill the conversation at a dinner party, one sure-fire winner is pensions, but it is the $25.2 trillion in pension assets that fuel global capital markets and there needs to be some serious thinking on how they will work in the future.

Bitcoins you can grab

Bobby Lee, co-founder and chief executive officer of BTCC, the Shanghai-based bitcoin platform and second-largest bitcoin exchange in the world, certainly stole the show at London blockchain week, a series of conferences held in late January.

Gender inequality – Diversity: the alternative view

In a month that saw hundreds of thousands of women worldwide unite in disgust at the proposed policies of new US president Donald Trump, one Chinese investor has provided a shocking example of how pervasive a problem gender inequality still is in the financial markets.

Econ calls for ‘fair’ deal with UK on market access

There may be yet some good news for UK based financial services in the wake of Brexit, if the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (Econ), a powerful committee within the EU Parliament, gets a draft resolution now being considered through to a plenary vote in its current form.

Currency wars: special focus

Call it what you will – currency war, competitive devaluation, currency manipulation, currency intervention – but central banks are knee-deep in the trenches as they battle to lower their exchange rates and boost their economies.