Frontier markets to withstand Fed tapering

As Fed tapering gathers momentum, frontier markets in Africa are not as vulnerable as their emerging market heavyweights, but those with higher current-account deficits will feel the pressure.

Emerging market plunge: Sino the times?

Not all emerging markets are in free fall, investors are discriminating between surplus and deficit countries, it’s not all China’s fault, and domestic EM policies matter.

Jury out on African Eurobonds amid Fed-tapering threat

A flurry of Eurobond issuance out of Africa was characterized by cheap funding as portfolio funds flooded Africa looking for yields, but as Fed tapering comes to the fore, African sovereigns might tilt back towards local currency bond markets.

DCM: A good time for African Eurobonds

Fed tapering will prompt rises in yields for African hard-currency debt, but this doesn’t mean that countries with strong economic fundamentals should hold off issuing.

Netherlands: Tight funding for a minority

An above EU average number of SMEs do not require funding beyond their own sources; the smaller number that do are facing above EU average difficulty in getting bank loans.

Spain: ICO fills the gap

The development bank has increased its capacity to lend and broadened the range of its corporate borrowers.

The Nordics: A market apart

Financing for SMEs in the Nordic region is readily available and growing, driven by well-capitalized and domestic-focused banks.

Credit market mops up banking’s toxic legacy

In one of the many rather surreal consequences of the financial crisis, banks are taking advantage of the QE-driven chase for yield among investors to sell off the very assets that caused all the chaos in the first place.

Not enough trade for Volcker

Will Paul Volcker, author of the rule that has banned banks from proprietary trading, now stand up, perhaps beside Gary Gensler, recently departed head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and lambast banks for not trading enough?