Brazilian equities: The OGX effect

If Petrobras is considering an equity transaction in 2014, the implosion of Eike Batista’s OGX group this year won’t be helpful for investors’ perceptions of the risk of Brazil’s oil exploration and production industry.

Asia’s unhealthy Alibaba obsession

Investment banks have taken heart from more buoyant equity capital markets, but they are probably putting too much store by potential blockbuster deals such as an Alibaba IPO.

The SME funding challenge

Convinced that reviving the moribund securitization market is the best way to channel funding to small and medium size enterprises, the ECB is now championing the financial technique at the centre of the systemic collapse five years ago.

Carney’s delusions of regulatory grandeur

Given the tax bias towards leverage, and regulatory equity thresholds for UK banks that remain a source of systemic risk from the Bank of England's own analysis, the governor is gambling that new, untested regulatory standards will temper systemic risk - even while gunning for the expansion of the financial industry.

Arbitrage a risk in Shanghai free-trade zone

The free-trade zone in Shanghai has been depicted as one of the biggest steps towards Chinese economic liberalization, but some analysts argue the risk of arbitrage and a lack of transparency will be difficult to overcome – while there is no consensus on whether policymakers are committed to full-scale capital-market liberalization.

UK corporates ready to follow sovereign into sukuk

As London positions itself as a hub for Islamic finance on the occasion of the ninth World Economic Islamic Forum, Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, CIMB Islamic CEO, predicts UK corporates are already primed to enter the sukuk market.