Kenya: Definitely, maybe

Kenya has waited nearly seven years to get its debut Eurobond issue off the ground, so why not wait a few more weeks?

It’s easy to do business in Rwanda

In January 2013, at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, proudly announced the launch of the East African Commodity Exchange (EAX) in Kigali.

Kenya unlikely to pay punishing premium for debut Eurobond – analysts

Although Kenya missed out on low nominal yields for emerging market issuance before the May to August rout, the country will not pay through the nose for credit-specific risk, despite the recent terrorist atrocities at Westgate Mall, its twin deficits and large size of the deal at $1.5 billion to $2 billion, say analysts.

EMIR reform: The time to act is now

Many market players are still largely unprepared for the European Market Infrastructure Regulation, which aims to transform the derivatives market, writes Rule Financial’s David Field.

Adams sets out his stall for IIF

The head of the world's largest international lobbying group for financial firms issues a sharp warning on global regulatory fragmentation, risk-weighting of sovereign debt and China’s reform agenda.

Dell: Loans trump bonds

Dell’s bumper LBO shows the high yield pendulum has swung back to loans as investors seek floating-rate exposure.

Tapering: Groupthink trips up Fed watchers

Comb back through reports and analysis filed by sell-side analysts in the run-up to the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on September 18 and you’ll struggle to find any predicting that the Federal Reserve would continue apace with monthly purchases of agency MBS and Treasury securities.