Liquidity: Fixing the present system

Amid the litany of complaints against the sell side, one trader at a large investment manager bemoans the continuing pretence of some banks that they are big traders in many instruments across all markets to all investors.

The why and how of GSE reform

The debate on how to reform the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that now so dominate US mortgage finance has been raging almost from the minute they were taken into conservatorship by former Federal Housing Finance Authority director James Lockhart on September 6 2008.

Junior preferred shareholders sue for GSE payouts

One of the most audacious punts in the market has been the bet by holders of junior preferred shareholdings in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that the liquidation of the agencies in their current form will translate into a payday for junior creditors.

Miroslav Singer: Gunning for intervention

Famed for his tough approach to regulation, Czech central bank head Miroslav Singer now has his sights set on currency market intervention to reflate the country’s flagging economy.

CRT: Building blocks of Brazil’s first project finance bond

CRT was a natural candidate to open the project finance bond market in Brazil because the sponsors of Rodovias do Tietê are Atlantia Bertin Concessões (a 50/50 joint venture of Atlantia and Bertin), and Ascendi (a 60/40 joint venture of Mota-Engil and Banco Espírito Santo).

Mexico’s economy comes of age

Despite the broader reassessment of emerging market investment, Mexican debt and equity issuance is sustaining and enhancing its appeal in international markets.