Infrastructure: A slow but steady build

The European Commission has galvanized efforts to develop Europe’s project finance bond market, but mixed fortunes in the asset class highlight just how long the road ahead is for a market still in its infancy.

Coeuré: ECB confronts SME financing challenge

In an exclusive interview, Benoît Coeuré, member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, discusses the challenges that Europe faces in stimulating financing to small and medium-sized enterprises, including the creation of a truly pan-European and cross-border capital market in the region and how securitization can be used to re-establish funding to these firms.

Steve Cohen: the case for the defence?

Euromoney columnist Jon Macaskill imagines what an early draft of the SAC Capital head’s defence against insider trading charges might have looked like, as the SEC brings criminal charges.

Detroit files for municipal bankruptcy

The bid to treat general obligation holders and pension funds as pari passu in what is the largest bankruptcy in municipal bond market history sets the city up for a prolonged legal fight.

Bank competition: Too big to lose

Market share of financial businesses vital to supporting global economic growth is concentrating rapidly into the hands of a small group of the world’s biggest banks.

The GSE money machine

The conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been lucrative for the US government, but it can’t run the US mortgage market forever.

Fears revive of Portuguese PSI

The immediate panic over severe strains in Portugal’s coalition government in reaction to voters’ austerity fatigue is raising fears beyond a delayed restoration of market access.