Analysts from leading independent research group Ned Davis Research look at the prospects for financial markets and the global economy in 2012 and beyond, and shine a light on the distressed US fiscal situation which has been overlooked during the eurozone crisis

Egypt’s future 'grim'

Emerging markets are set to perform highly against their developed counterparts next year as the eurozone crisis eases, but analysts at Barclays Capital warn that business will remain risky in Egypt while the political situation remains uncertain

China corporate debt: Questionable investment

Policymaking is being tightened aggressively to avoid inflating a credit bubble in China, leading some analysts to argue that investors should act with caution when investing in its corporate debt.

The ECB lays down its conditions

Investors, economists, politicians and other policy-makers across Europe and the rest of the world are calling ever more urgently for the ECB to step in and buy European government bonds.