Recapitalization won’t help bank funding

The great bank recapitalization plan unveiled at the European heads of state summit in Brussels won’t do much to halt the slow-motion run on bank funding that has been unfolding since the summer.

Goldman Sachs posts Q3 loss

The investment bank blames low CEO and investor confidence, as well as asset prices for its net loss and lower net revenues across major divisions.

CVA boosts Citigroup Q3 earnings

Citigroup’s securities and banking revenues increase 20% to $6.7 billion in the third quarter, after a credit valuation adjustment (CVA).

Eurozone withdrawal slim

The chances of a eurozone member withdrawing legally from the currency union are extremely low, and it is highly debatable as to whether it is the right course of action, say legal experts.

Markets indifferent to Slovakia

Share prices fell in the run-up to Slovakia’s rejection of expansion of the EFSF, but the aftermath shows a remarkably unconcerned market.

Exclusive: Glencore CFO defends IPO

After investors saw Glencore’s share price slump significantly, only months after buying into the firm’s initial public offering, Euromoney speaks exclusively to the group’s chief financial officer