US debt default would have broad, long-term impact

By linking the debt ceiling to a credit event of catastrophic proportions, Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner was presumably trying to emulate former Treasury secretary Henry Paulson, who entered the history books in 2008 when he reportedly walked into a meeting with Congressional leaders armed with only a two-page draft Bill and demanded $800 billion to avert global financial meltdown.

Abigail with attitude

Abigail Hofman muses on the banks that are succeeding, Euromoney’s success in raising £600,000 for a worthy cause, and why bank chiefs are so bad at managing their succession

BIS: A time for unity

The IFC’s response to the banking crisis in emerging Europe could offer guidance for those seeking a solution to Greece’s woes.

Chinese stock scandal: US-listed go private

More Chinese companies listed in the US are considering going private as scandals dogging the sector harm their valuations, according to investment bankers working with those companies.

Editor's letter: China stock scammers driven by lack of alternatives

Amid the storm of accusations, counter-accusations and recriminations that has characterized the developing China overseas-listed stock scandal, much more has been written and said about the question of whether the companies involved are scams than what might have driven these alleged frauds to mislead their investors in the first place.

Barclays Capital: Big risks remain in FICC

Behind Jerry del Missier, Rich Ricci and Bob Diamond, the three men most renowned for building Barclays Capital, there is another cadre of long-standing members of the same executive team with lesser public profiles.