Debt market commentary and debt survey results 2011

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EU debt markets:
Will the bank bail-in make bond investors bail out?
High-yield dominates corporate market

CEE debt markets:
Debt markets embrace CEE borrowers
Gazprom proves CEE investors’ favourite

Latin American debt markets:
Latin America bond markets set new landmarks
Brazil still top LatAm sovereign but supply likely to dry up
Brazil's IFRS reform aids Energesia perpetual hybrid

North American debt markets:
Record high-yield issuance drives US debt boom
US policy pushes investors to rethink

Best borrowers:
EIB's focus on investor relations pays off
Spanish Treasury reports shift in investor attitudes
A triumph for transparency

Also: View results from the Primary debt survey and the Fixed income investors survey, incorporating Fixed income research and Best borrowers.

Editorial: New ideas for managing a Greek default

Plenty of schemes are being floated for how Greece might secure relief from an unsustainable debt approaching 165% of GDP and likely, before long, to require an annual interest payment equivalent to 10% of GDP, mainly to foreign creditors.

Bond Outlook by bridport & cie, May 25 2011

Whether the EUR or USD is “stinkier” is debateable, but it is clear that political considerations are taking precedence over economic both for possible QE3 and defence of the euro.

Bond Outlook by bridport & cie, May 18 2011

Prevarication is the order of the day: postpone the day of reckoning for the Federal debt ceiling to August 2nd and delay proper resolution of Greek’s problems by extending maturities.

CEE: Work in progress

After decades of neglect, infrastructure in central and eastern Europe is in urgent need of upgrading.