Restructuring: Credit Suisse launches work-out group

Credit Suisse has announced the formation of a new group in its EMEA global markets solutions business (GMSB) designed to address what co-head of global investment banking Jim Amine describes as a “unique opportunity” presented by the current debt market dislocation.

Flow business benefits

While the structured products business is having a tough time as a result of poor performance and lower demand, the flow business is enjoying record volumes, particularly for exchange-traded options.

Infrastructure: Conduit may bypass expensive bank lending

The UK Treasury is understood to be considering the establishment of a conduit-style fund that would source investment directly from institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies to fund its infrastructure investment programme.

Bond Outlook January 28th

Rebuilding the balance sheets of banks, households and governments, with all that implies for higher savings rates and taxation, means the leg of the L-shaped recession will be years long.

Bond Outlook January 14th

The Keynesian remedies are all very well, probably essential, but what about Schumpeter and his “creative destruction”? That is quite the opposite of the Greenscam remedies past and present.

Bond Outlook January 7th

Moving from overpriced government bonds to quality corporates, our recommendation last October, is now commonplace.

Corporate finance: Brufau steers Repsol away from risk

In the first of a series of interviews for 2009 with some of the world’s leading corporate chief executives, boss Antonio Brufau talks to Laurence Neville about his strategy for keeping a top-10 energy company on track in challenging times.

US policy failures: Who dropped the ball?

US policy failures in the autumn of 2007 were crucial both in letting the financial crisis fester and then spiral out of control, and in a premature, panicky slashing of interest rates that paradoxically aggravated the slowdown severely, writes Charles Dumas.

Investment banking: How to make money in 2009

Even in tough capital markets, open only to the few, it’s still possible to craft good deals, attract new investors, bolster balance sheets and stave off disaster. For all their past sins and excesses, investment banks – the good ones at least – will prove themselves invaluable over the coming 12 months