SSAs lurch into the unknown

Long sheltered from the credit crunch, sovereign, supranational and agency spreads have ballooned in the wake of the introduction of government-guaranteed bank debt.

Financial crisis and hedge funds: Top five report to Congress

John Paulson, George Soros, Citadel’s Ken Griffin, Harbinger Capital’s Philip Falcone and Renaissance Technologies’ James Simons were all grilled by Congress in November about hedge funds’ role in contributing to the financial markets’ meltdown.

Equity trading: Chi-X takes on Tokyo

Chi-X has announced that it is bringing its multilateral electronic equities trading platform to Japan, placing itself in direct competition with the oft-criticised Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Paulson tries to rewrite the record

US Treasury secretary Hank Paulson seems to be making an effort to rewrite his part in the failure of the US financial system, perhaps in an effort to influence the verdict of history.

Primary markets: Santander finds ethics shorted

The credit crisis has, so far, raised Santander’s relative standing among its peers, as the Spanish bank has sidestepped some of the pitfalls of its rivals and picked up a few bargain acquisitions.

China: Stimulus splits analysts

News that China’s National Development and Reform Commission is considering a new stimulus package in addition to the Rmb4 trillion ($586 billion) plan announced on November 9 will bring cheer to investors and analysts who regard the country’s growth as central to the prospects of an Asian, or indeed global, recovery from the present crisis.