Why Hank Paulson has failed as Treasury secretary

As Hank Paulson seeks to resubmit his action plan to save the US financial system, Euromoney considers whether he was ever the right man for the job, asks the questions that he desperately needs to answer, and analyses the mistakes he has made which mean, whether his bill is eventually passed or not, he has failed as Treasury secretary.

Comment: The $700 billion man

“This is the least costly path,” US Treasury secretary Hank Paulson told Sunday morning talk-show viewers when he was out selling his $700 billion bail-out package at the end of September.

Rare European CMBS deal prices

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Vesteda Residential Funding II commercial mortgage-backed securitization has shown that there is appetite for high-quality paper from well-known issuers.

Fears over European liquidity scheme abuse

Concerns have been mounting in recent months that the liquidity schemes offered by the European Central Bank and the Bank of England are being misused by borrowers and are thwarting the recovery of market-based funding, including the MBS market.

So long to UK sub-prime

The UK non-conforming mortgage market – colloquially known as sub-prime – was the only fully fledged non-prime mortgage market in Europe.

Kuwait's investors demand more depth

While Dubai quickly captures the attention of most investors looking at the Middle East region, other financial centres are moving to build sustainable market frameworks that will support further investment activity.

Argentina faces up to a crisis

Central bank governor Martin Redrado is confident he can win the fight against inflation, but investors are sceptical of Kirchner’s policies.

Foreigners tap Saudi boom through the family

Growth potential, better corporate governance, a shot of expert knowledge and a troubled stock market are all reasons why family-owned firms might sell stakes to interested outsiders.

What’s fair value in foul markets?

As Euromoney asks for his views on fair-value accounting, the European bank chief executive carefully sets down his fork in the plate of scrambled eggs before him, slumps back in his chair and rolls his eyes.

Georgia: Paying the price of integrity

Georgia’s ill-fated attempt to prevent the secession of South Ossetia and Abkhazia is set to cost the country billions of dollars, but financial backing from western Europe and the US should help to ensure that the country’s economy remains one of the most open and business-friendly of the states that were formerly part of the Soviet Union.