Bond Outlook August 27th

The peril in which the entire US financial system now stands, with many banks and the GSEs fitting the category of “the walking dead’, is growing from week to week.

Bond Outlook August 20th

A return to a healthy level of household indebtedness and savings by the middle of next year? Just about conceivable, but the new film, “IOUSA”, needs a big impact.

Bond Outlook August 13th

As the turbulence in forex and commodity markets continues, we review this week where the world has reached in the rebalancing process.

Renaissance offers structured equity exposure

Moscow-headquartered investment bank Renaissance Capital has teamed up with France’s BNP Paribas to offer investors a diversified form of structured equity exposure to the Russian market.

Bank rights issues: A right mess of issues

Just weeks after RBS’s shareholders took up 95% of the rights on offer in the UK bank’s £12 billion ($24 billion) rights issue, the largest ever, investors shunned similar cash calls from UK banks HBOS and Barclays.

Bond Outlook August 6th

When stock markets enthuse about the Fed going on hold and commodity prices falling back, we can but point out that the underlying problems are worsening.

Uncovering US covered bonds

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation recently issued a statement laying the foundations for the regulation of a US covered bond market, specifically concerning the preferred treatment of bondholders in the event of an issuer default.

The Qatari financial services sector

While the build-up of a portfolio of diversified assets overseas is one key pillar of the government’s economic strategy, another is a commitment to a broad range of service-based industries domestically.

Structured products: New guidelines for issuers

Structured product issuers have a new set of guidelines that they will be expected to informally adhere to after trade organizations, including the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, released non-binding principles for managing relationships with retail investors.