Bond Outlook July 30th

Major commentators (IMF, ML) are expressing what we have been emphasising for a year: this is no cyclical adjustment but a major realignment to match US earnings to spending.

Bond Outlook July 23rd

A ray of sunshine with a fall in commodity prices and financial market optimism, but it can only be a brief respite as clouds return and spread beyond the USA.

Japan: TSE to be more foreigner-friendly

Japan’s stock markets have struggled lately as foreign investors abandon the country in droves; the Tokyo Stock Exchange, meanwhile, suffers from the perception that listing on it is still too difficult for foreign companies and that it is prone to technological problems.

Rights: A question of rights

FSA forces disclosure of significant short positions in companies undertaking rights issues while issuers look for a quicker route to market.

Libor: A benchmark or a rate?

The belief that Libor is an actual rate at which banks lend substantial money to one another is a façade that the credit crunch has torn down with a vengeance.

Inside investment: Swan barbie

'The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable' is an excellent read, but anyone who talks about the credit crunch in these terms is not being intellectually honest.

Cuba looks better from London

Ceiba Investments, a closed-end fund that invests solely in Cuban assets, is set to list its shares on London junior market AIM this month.

Bond Outlook July 2nd

In combating inflation the credit squeeze may suffice in the medium-term, but, while waiting for its impact, central banks want to hold the fort with one or two rate increases.