Bond Outlook June 25th

The American consumer is now noticing the diversion of his already restricted spending power to costly food and fuel, squeezing his ability to pay back mortgage and other debt.

Bond Outlook June 18th

Inflation and recession together, and central bankers recognising that they had better fight the former now than risk a greater recession later: what does that mean for fixed-income investors?

Bond Outlook June 11th

In the debate dual-mandate versus inflation-focus for central banks, the ECB approach of “control inflation and the rest will follow” seems ahead with even the Fed coming round.

Taiwan builds bridges with the mainland

New president Ma Ying-jeou is intent on improving relations with the People’s Republic of China, with likely benefits for business, especially in financial services.

Alternative energy: Will investors clean up?

The alternative energy sector has been called the investment opportunity of the early 21st century, but the sector’s bumpy ride on the world’s stock markets has drawn unwelcome comparisons to the dotcom boom.

Small caps: LSE offers research

The London Stock Exchange is launching a service to provide research coverage for the small-cap stocks listed on its main market and on junior market AIM.

Distressed ABS face legal risk

While some continue to debate whether the knife is still falling, others have decided that the distressed credit markets already offer an attractive investment opportunity.

Even in good times Turkey is vulnerable

After the country’s GDP was revised upwards by 32%, Standard & Poor’s downgrade of its outlook has been unpopular, especially as Moody’s and Fitch saw no reason to follow suit.

LBO market braced for messy restructurings

Anyone with a brief to outline the benefits of mezzanine lending over the hedge fund and CLO money that recently replaced it could do worse than sit back and wait for the first wave of recent LBO deals to go wrong.

Japan: Dividends up, earnings down

Japan’s top companies are increasing dividend payments to shareholders and buying back stock in record amounts, according to new research from Nikko Asset Management.

HBOS attempts a jump-start

HBOS deserves the gratitude of its rivals for its attempt at a UK RMBS benchmark, but it may prove futile in the short term.

Microfinance: Stan Chart and IFC free MFIs

Standard Chartered and the International Finance Corporation have joined forces to launch the first-ever issuance of credit-linked notes backed by loans to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Primary debt poll 2008: Survival of the fittest

After a year that has been ruthless in its revelation of sub-par debt services, the Euromoney debt poll reveals which banks have managed to survive the credit crunch with their reputations, and their client bases, still intact.

Euro may increase Slovakia’s charms

Slovakia’s now near-certain entry into the eurozone in January 2009 should help bolster the country’s credit ratings and improve investor sentiment towards the country, say bankers.

Bond Outlook June 4th

This week is seeing three turning points to do with the commodities bubble, vehicle technology and the attitude of the Fed towards inflation.