Bond Outlook February 6th

If Europe and Japan authorities are reluctant to follow the same path their US counterparts, are we really moving towards serious rebalancing, even if via a shared recession?

Asia market round up: Best in Japan 2007

2007 was a mixed year for Japan, with the stock market suffering from foreign investors uncertainty following the subprime crisis and the long-hoped for recovery of the economy still not fully underway.

Islamic finance awards 2008

The growth in size, expertise and therefore competition in the Shariah-compliant market in 2008 made Euromoney’s choices for our Islamic finance awards the hardest to date.

Finance in the new world order

Daniel Bouton of Société Générale, Baudouin Prot of BNP Paribas, Walter Rothensteiner of Raiffeisen Zentralbank and Alfredo Sáenz of Santander speak about the challenges in the new financial world order.

American as she is spoke

"Subprime" (or sub-prime if you write for Euromoney) has been voted "word of the year, 2007" by the American Dialect Society.

The Rock is not an island

A long-term government guarantee of Northern Rock’s wholesale funding might prompt other mortgage lenders to demand similar treatment even if they are not in financial difficulty.

Equity capital markets: Equities to remain an attractive option

The strategic investment case for emerging European equities remains solid despite the deterioration of global markets caused by liquidity constraints in the banking system, says Martin Majdaniuk, manager of Baring Emerging Europe, which has $850 million under management and has returned 195.6% over the past three years.