We need to talk about UK banks

While analysts focus on net interest margins and the turning credit cycle, there is an extraordinary risk hiding in plain sight.

China’s banks to face new NPL hit

A new rule change will require Chinese banks to recognize more loans as impaired, but while big lenders will sail through, there’s trouble at the smaller end of town.

CEE banking: Heaven or hell

A proposed tie-up between UniCredit and Société Générale would be a real game changer in the region: complementary and challenging.

Sideways: Fed stress tests – prizes for all (US banks at least)

Deutsche Bank’s failure of the recent Federal Reserve stress tests drew attention, but while the regulator was happy to kick the battered European bank while it is down, this was in stark contrast to its treatment of favoured home-town players Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

World's best digital bank 2018: DBS

DBS is an institution in which every part of the business – from cash management to private banking, from SMEs to retail – is being enriched by a challenging process of wilful digital disruption.

Goldman signals Brazilian focus

Investment bank steps in as BNDES stops crowding out; an important first in local-denominated financing of large project puts down marker.

Chinese banks slow lending

Mainland banks have long been known for their penchant to commit chunky amounts to loans, either as participants or as book runners, but that is changing, say loans bankers in the region.