FX Survey 2018: Banks go back to nuts and bolts

With a spike in volatility and the opportunity to consign conduct issues to the past, this might have been a turning point for global FX, but faced with a range of challenges, many market makers are retreating to core competencies.

Nigerian banks make a mint from a crisis

Oil prices and currency controls created opportunities for some banks, which reported bumper gains from FX and fixed income last year, but no one is expecting a repeat of that.

Libyan Investment Authority: special focus

Inside the LIA’s litigious pursuit of Gaddafi-era investments brokered by Western financial institutions as it brings controversial claims against Goldman Sachs, a Dutch asset manager and Société Générale.

Sideways: The ties between Wall Street, regulators and White House

If the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does decide to weigh in on the issue of whether or not Blackstone’s trading in Hovnanian debt and default swaps constitutes market manipulation, it will revive questions about SEC chairman Jay Clayton’s ties to Goldman Sachs.