Which way next for ABN Amro?

Despite healthy profits, is Kees van Dijkhuizen doing enough to close the digital gap with ING – and what happens when the Dutch mortgage market turns? Are the chief executive and his team capable of forging a longer-term rationale for the bank?

Sewing parrots Cryan

Christian Sewing has been painted as the stern cost disciplinarian and man of action, so he had to unveil something decisive-sounding at his first results call — even if it smacks of tokenism

BNDES embraces its evolution

The blueprint for BNDES is for a development bank that partners with the private sector to facilitate more socially beneficial projects while using less capital.

Taxing times for Iceland’s recovering banks

The country’s banks are much more investable than they have been for over a decade – whether or not that makes them attractive enough to relist and attract foreign investors is another question.

Daiwa pins hopes on a big idea

Daiwa has to do something – and everybody knows it; a bold ambition to become a global advisory mid-market leader leapt forward with the recent acquisition and merger of two leading US M&A boutiques, but can Daiwa really deliver globally?

Corporate funding faces uncertain future

February’s volatility has shown that the markets may not always be there for the financing that corporates want to do and that the borrowers may not always be there for the financing that the markets want to do.