China: Foreign banks breathe easier

Life for foreign banks in China should be easier now that the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) has made important changes to the rules governing their activities that should create a more level playing field.

PBoC shines in regulatory shake-up

China is bringing its banking and insurance watchdogs under one roof, and experts say the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is the real winner, with an even broader mandate.

Uruguay has a dollar dilemma

The country’s bankers are frustrated: the system is sound, their banks are generally well run, and yet they are among the worst performers in Latin America.

Paraguay plays safe

The country’s biggest banks have kept profits up by keeping banking simple and benefiting from enviable net interest margins.

FICC trading heads not celebrating yet

When banks get around to reporting first-quarter 2018 results in April (the US banks) and May (the Europeans), it is already safe to say that their fixed income, currencies and commodities numbers will look particularly good.

Mifid implementers run head first into GDPR

Collect everything and store it for ever, or only collect some data and destroy it as soon as possible? That is the question facing bank compliance officers struggling with Mifid II and GDPR.