Markets brace for nomination of next Fed chair

The lead candidate, Fed insider Jerome Powell, promises continuity and investors would no doubt be relieved to see him step up, but they might swoon if Trump nominates persistent Fed critic John Taylor.

PSD2 information still scarce as deadline nears

The level of understanding around the implementation of Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) is lacking for both corporates and consumer alike, although they are the parties that are meant to benefit.

Bond custodians seek value from customer data

BNY Mellon and HSBC hope that, in an illiquid fixed income market with no registry of beneficial owners, their asset management clients may benefit from alerts about other counterparties wishing to buy or sell bonds.

Trump is honoured by rising stock prices

I don’t know why at first, but watching Donald Trump tell Fox News in October that because the value of the US stock market has risen by $5.2 trillion since he became president that “maybe in a sense, we are reducing the debt” makes me feel warm inside.

A tale of two Chinas

Why being positive on Chinese macro and the big four banks, but bearish on the rest of the financial sector, is not a contradiction in terms.

Arunma Oteh interview: New markets for the World Bank

Arunma Oteh has helped develop new financial tools to address the world’s most pressing issues – in an exclusive interview, she talks about the difference the capital markets can make and her previous career fighting corruption in Nigeria.

Halyk takes the hot seat in Kazakhstan

Cautious Halyk Bank has been largely immune from the upheavals that have shaken the Kazakh banking sector; will buying troubled market leader KKB bring an end to the group’s bull run or create a new regional player?

Why Popular problems still afflict Spain

The speed with which Santander took on Popular has boosted confidence in the recovery of Spain’s economy and banks, but what are the implications of its high provisions for Popular’s NPLs in a banking system still awash in problem loans?

Cash management survey 2017: Regional banks set the pace

At first glance Euromoney’s global cash management survey 2017 results suggest that it is business as usual, but digging a little deeper into the rankings reveals that some regionals are setting new standards in quality of service.

Cash management: DBS reaps what it sows

The firm has invested heavily in its GTS offering in recent years – this year’s rankings see it rise on a tide of high customer satisfaction with its suite of new products.

Investment banking goes crypto

In the month when Jamie Dimon dismissed cryptocurrency as a fraud, there was a string of new breakthroughs in banking on blockchain and Euromoney caught first sight of a crypto investment bank.

How to buy a bank in Poland

The repolonization of the country’s banking sector may have hit its limit, but are foreign banks still interested?

Barclays’ loss is now Africa’s gain

Aside from the regulatory pains put forward as a reason for Barclays’ departure from Africa, there are other reasons why African banks are much better at serving local clients today.

Peter Nicholl: Insights from a central banking gun for hire

Between 1997 and 2004, Peter Nicholl was governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina; he succeeded in establishing economic stability in a country ravaged by war, but how did a New Zealand central banker get the job in the first place?

Welcome to Euromoney Africa

It is almost 50 years since Euromoney was born with the wholesale international capital markets, to chronicle their evolution and that of the institutions that serve them.

Zambia: Kalyalya looks beyond the copper crisis

As Denny Kalyalya’s first term as Zambia’s central bank governor draws to a close, he reflects on the need for IMF support, the currency and debt crisis that engulfed the country two years ago and his efforts to deliver a recovery for the long term.

Bob Diamond is back on the offensive

After a characteristically bold attempt last year to acquire Barclays Africa, a firm which he was instrumental in developing, Bob Diamond is even more determined to build his own pan-African bank at Atlas Mara.

Malaysia: 1MDB casts a long shadow

This is the third year of the drama: as the government desperately tries to untangle its controversial fund before elections are called, Malaysians are asking who’s really paying to clean up the mess.

African businesses see Brexit upside

African economists and bankers expect more advantageous trade terms, possibly with both the UK and the European Union, after last year’s shock decision to leave.

Viet Capital blazes a trail

While foreign investment banks await Vietnam’s promotion to full MSCI emerging-market status, local investment bank Viet Capital Securities is wasting no time, setting records in its home market with some of the biggest share sales in years.

Purisima's vision for the vulnerable

Since dealing with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan as the Philippines’ finance minister, Cesar Purisima has become one of the most eloquent spokesmen for how finance can help nations vulnerable to climate change.