Some investors buy even as ECB sparks bond market falls

20 Jul 17

While economists debate the likely path to reduction in the European Central Bank’s (ECB) swollen €4.2 trillion balance sheet, debt capital markets investors continue to buy long-dated bonds from sovereign, supranational and agency issuers.

Regulation: Chile to adopt Basel III

20 Jul 17

Implementation of global standard will lead to higher tier-1 capital levels; banks well capitalized but predictions of sovereign downgrades cloud outlook.

Saving the world, one bond at a time

12 Jul 17

It is rare for financial market professionals to feel they are helping to save the world, but a new capital markets deal from the World Bank to help the poorest countries cope with pandemics might be doing just that

Macaskill on markets: Curious Qatari tactics

12 Jul 17

The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) charged Barclays and four former managers with fraud in June, alleging misconduct relating to two capital raising deals in 2008 and a loan to Qatar.

British banks are best in breed

12 Jul 17

With Brexit now upon us, as warnings abound of the damage it will inflict on the UK economy and the country’s financial sector, Euromoney follows its instincts and puts two British banks on our short list to be recognized as the world’s best.

UBS: special focus

12 Jul 17

Euromoney's recent coverage of the Swiss bank's private-banking led strategic overhaul.

HSBC: special focus

07 Jul 17

Euromoney's recent coverage of the global banking group from its global footprint, management shifts and strategic overhaul.

World's best bank for markets 2017: Citi

06 Jul 17

Citi is perhaps the only global markets business remaining that shows that scale and breadth – both geographically and by product – can deliver good returns.

World's best bank transformation 2017: KBC

06 Jul 17

Few people would have expected a firm following a bancassurance model with operations in the eastern bloc to be among Europe’s best-performing financial institutions.

World's best bank 2017: HSBC

06 Jul 17

Stuart Gulliver’s six-year transformation of HSBC has created a global bank that works, rather than one that merely exists.