Sideways: The chairman emails, part II

Following news that Barclays chief executive Jes Staley and Bank of England governor Mark Carney were fooled by spoof emails purporting to come from their chairmen, Euromoney’s Jon Macaskill has uncovered more misleading messages from the top.

Fintech: The second wave of challenger banks

The UK has been one of the world’s key testing grounds for new financial technology thanks to London’s status as global financial centre and the UK authorities’ support for new competition to the incumbent banks they had to rescue in the crisis, but the big four banks’ central role as clearing banks has kept truly disruptive innovation away from the profitable core of retail banking, until now.

Banking: The UK versus Europe

Continental European banks have long looked with envy over the English Channel – more than ever since the eurozone crisis – but with UK banks facing Brexit and a more advanced economic cycle, and as a degree of inflationary confidence returns to the eurozone, could the tables be turning?

Africa: Afreximbank pushes at history’s wheel

As international banks continue to pull out of Africa, Afreximbank president, Benedict Oramah explains why African institutions need to be the main source of support for the continent in times of crisis.

Africa: Ghana’s power failure

The country’s last administration borrowed heavily from banks to sustain inefficient state-owned energy companies at the expense of the private sector – can the newly elected government repay the debt and get banks lending again?

Latin America: Four is company at Grupo Aval

Aval may be the leading banking group in Colombia and central America because of its sprawling structure, but could there be efficiencies available from rationalizing its operating model?

Asia banking: Inside Ant Financial’s nest

Alibaba, Alipay, Ant Financial – by now everyone in banking knows the triumvirate of brands that have transformed financial services in China, and the domestic story is only the start.