Fintech: NCino offers to overhaul European banks

The provider of cloud-based wholesale bank operating systems has grown fast in the US, starting with SME lending for community banks and growing to a key partner of the country’s biggest commercial lenders.

Banking: Assaf sets positive tone for HSBC

Lost amid disappointing 2016 results, HSBC’s Global Banking and Markets (GB&M) division has already hit the group 10% return on equity (ROE) target and holds out hope for more to come.

Cryan makes big call on change in German banking

The chief executive of Deutsche Bank has deftly sold his sudden reverse on capital raising and selling Postbank, but if he fails to make good a striking promise to deliver strong returns from retail banking at home, his credibility will be lost.

TLAC: what you should know

We explain the FSB's total loss-absorbing capacity requirements for global systemically important banks (G-Sibs).

MUFG sharpens CIB, and Europe is on the menu

As if European commercial and investment banks didn’t have enough problems already with their US competitors eating their lunch, now one of the world’s biggest balance sheets has taken a seat at the table.

Regulation: Trump’s misguided motives

While the imagery around the Trump presidency looks awful, it may obscure some good intentions – but what stops us cheerleading these efforts is the worry where they spring from.

Israel and Palestine – the practical partnership

Whisper it quietly, but a special relationship of sorts has grown between the monetary authorities of Israel and the Palestinian territories, between whom a needs-must spirit of cooperation, engagement and mutual respect exists.