State majority in VTB could end from 2016, says CEO Andrey Kostin

The CEO of VTB reveals the Russian government could see its stake in the lender diluted if it does not subscribe to a new round of capital-raising in the coming years, as he defends the bank’s state-backed business model and claims majority ownership is not necessary for sovereign support of the country’s second-largest bank by market cap.

Sberbank reaffirms investment-banking push

The deputy head of commercial and investment banking at the Russian state lender says aggressive growth continues after the departure of Todd Berman, head of investment banking.

Brazil’s cup is half full

There is too much bearish sentiment towards Brazil - investors shouldn't forget the long-term trends and the fundamental strengths of the economy.

The Volcker rule: a modest proposal

The final version of the Volcker rule is unlikely to give posterity phrases that echo through the ages in the style of the King James Bible, but the details of its wording are important to financial market participants, which helps to explain the extended bickering.

Macaskill on markets: JPMorgan bids up industry legal costs

Litigation cost estimates for investment banks are being revised sharply upwards after JPMorgan shocked peers by revealing that it had set aside $23 billion of legal reserves, then agreed a $13 billion settlement of outstanding mortgage claims with the US authorities.