China consolidates its Latin American presence

Recent large-scale Chinese acquisitions and consortium agreements in the LatAm financial and energy sectors indicate the People’s Republic’s continuing interest in the region’s resources.

The SME funding challenge

Convinced that reviving the moribund securitization market is the best way to channel funding to small and medium size enterprises, the ECB is now championing the financial technique at the centre of the systemic collapse five years ago.

Ecobank faces moments of truth

A long, debilitating battle over the position of its chairman has led to much soul-searching and investigation at Ecobank, one of Africa’s leading banks.

Leverage ratios: method in the madness

The rationale for a higher benchmark is clear but regulators must clarify its role, alongside a risk-based capital regime, to reduce distortions and save the securities-financing market from a liquidity crisis.

Carney’s delusions of regulatory grandeur

Given the tax bias towards leverage, and regulatory equity thresholds for UK banks that remain a source of systemic risk from the Bank of England's own analysis, the governor is gambling that new, untested regulatory standards will temper systemic risk - even while gunning for the expansion of the financial industry.

Nedbank’s Brown rules out raid on Ecobank

In an interview with Euromoney, Mike Brown, CEO of Johannesburg-based Nedbank, clarifies ownership and business intentions with Togo’s pan-African lender ETI – the two having operated a client-sharing service since 2008 – which has been subject of takeover rumours for years.

Eurozone banks’ NPL crisis threatens to derail recovery

The IMF warns that corporate loan losses for banks in Spain, Italy and Portugal could hit €282 billion over next two years, highlighting the scale of the challenge for the ECB’s asset-quality review amid continued financial fragmentation.

Opening windows with the internet

From the archive: in June 1996, with some prescience, then Euromoney reporter Felix Salmon investigated how far the net, or "internet protocols" would shake up banking.

UK corporates ready to follow sovereign into sukuk

As London positions itself as a hub for Islamic finance on the occasion of the ninth World Economic Islamic Forum, Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, CIMB Islamic CEO, predicts UK corporates are already primed to enter the sukuk market.