Sideways: The art of the bank rebrand

Forward-thinking branding experts are already adjusting their plans for 2014 and beyond: Yahoo recently unveiled a new logo designed to symbolize its fresh start under CEO Marissa Mayer; and the Republic of Iran is reportedly considering a change to the slogan ‘Death to America’ that has been in place since the revolution in 1979.

Attijariwafa stakes claims south of the Sahara

Led by its confident and energetic chief executive, Ismail Douiri, Moroccan bank Attijariwafa is building a big franchise in sub-Saharan Africa as well as consolidating its ties with expatriate Moroccans in Europe.

Co-op blinks first

Bondholders likely to take control of lender after heavy-handed management intransigence.

ECB asset quality review is moment of truth

Europe’s Tarp moment could be looming as ECB president Mario Draghi issues a sharp warning that the year-long review of the region’s banking system will be credible and might require public backstops.

Babacan defends Turkey rates stance

Ali Babacan, the Turkish government’s economy and finance chief, has defended attacks against the local financial sector during protests stemming from the redevelopment of Istanbul’s Gezi Park.

Adams sets out his stall for IIF

The head of the world's largest international lobbying group for financial firms issues a sharp warning on global regulatory fragmentation, risk-weighting of sovereign debt and China’s reform agenda.

Eating is cheating

Members of the fourth estate are often not at their brightest early in the morning.

Charles Stewart: Employee #1

Charles Stewart pioneered Morgan Stanley’s presence in Brazil in the 1990s; now he is looking out from Latin America, spreading Itaú BBA’s message in Europe and beyond.

Croatia: Regional leader or EU laggard?

After EU entry in July and despite five years of recession and a worrying local court ruling on foreign-currency mortgages, Croatian banks are in surprisingly good shape.