Basel’s counterparty-risk proposals under fire

The Basel Committee’s proposal fails to capture asset correlations and volatility adequately and will have a perverse impact on exposure incentives, argues SunGard, a processing house for the broker-dealer community.

In the spotlight: global banking

Euromoney’s round-up of recent coverage of industry trends, including regulation and capital-raising – the US M&A trail, leverage-ratio fight, tier 1 issuance and the banking union drive – and an investigation into illiquidity in the corporate bond market.

Liquidity: Fixing the present system

Amid the litany of complaints against the sell side, one trader at a large investment manager bemoans the continuing pretence of some banks that they are big traders in many instruments across all markets to all investors.

Andean banks go regional

Banks in Chile, Peru and Colombia are building platforms across the Andean region as a single commercial market between the three countries develops.

Chile’s banks focus on home market

With room to grow domestically, and foreign stakeholders in two of the biggest banks already active in the region, there is little incentive for Chile’s banks to expand abroad.

Singapore: DBS continues to dominate

Singapore’s status as a regional hub and burgeoning centre for private banking attracts many global banks, but local bank DBS maintains its pre-eminence.

The Asean alternative emerges

As growth in China falters and India seems to spiral ever more helplessly downward, southeast Asia has become central to the fortunes of banks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Miroslav Singer: Gunning for intervention

Famed for his tough approach to regulation, Czech central bank head Miroslav Singer now has his sights set on currency market intervention to reflate the country’s flagging economy.

Sideways: Where time is not money

The untimely death of an intern at Bank of America prompted a spate of headlines about the long hours worked in the City of London and Wall Street.

Jin-Yong Cai: An activist at the IFC

The new head of the International Finance Corporation, Jin-Yong Cai, tells Euromoney about the need for the World Bank’s private-sector arm to take more risks and be more activist in developing policy ideas in such areas as infrastructure development and poverty reduction.

Standing up to Too Big to Fail

Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, tells Euromoney why no bank is too big to fail and why Texas has much to teach the rest of the US economy