Carson Block misfires on bearish Standard Chartered bet

The famed hedge fund short-seller Carson Block's bet against Standard Chartered - citing deteriorating loan quality evidenced by a $1 billion loan to the chairman of Bumi - significantly overstates the risks on the emerging market-focused bank’s balance sheet.

Bloomberg data wars: Into darkness

Bloomberg brought a knife to a gunfight when it tried to pry information out of Goldman Sachs by using details gathered from the data and media firm’s terminals about the bank’s employees.

Mixed outlook for European bank M&A

Cheap debt, decent valuations and lack of competition relative to the US mean there are plenty of opportunities for private equity executives to snatch up European financials on the cheap.

Senior investors divided over bank bail-in risk

When faced with the impending death of effectively risk-free bank credit, investors in senior unsecured bank debt are oscillating between the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, eventually – regulators, at least, hope – acceptance.

Smile bright like a Diamond

At the Chelsea Flower Show in London last month, the floral displays were not the only brilliant thing catching the attention of throngs of visitors.

Barclays under pressure as Deutsche Bank blazes capital trail

After the February unveiling of an ambitious turnaround strategy, Barclays' CEO Antony Jenkins faces new risks to earnings, uncertainty over the direction of the bank's US investment banking arm – core to its global footprint - and market pressures to accelerate capital accumulation.