Cyprus-Russia ties complicate bailout bid

The ramifications of selling contingent convertible bonds (CoCos) to retail buyers could be brutally illustrated by the bailout of Cyprus’s banking sector, while ties with Russia complicate strategy.

HSBC: When universal isn’t

HSBC’s withdrawal from some Latin American markets looks ill-advised in view of growth and regional integration prospects.

M&A boom, bondholder doom

The balance-sheet re-leveraging involved in big M&A deals threatens companies’ credit standings and thus their bondholders’ paper.

Emerging markets waning irrespective of QE conundrum

The prospect that quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve could come to an end much sooner than expected has frightened investors, but the negative effects on emerging markets shouldn’t be overstated, say analysts.

Bank analysts warm to impact of RBS’s Libor fine

Bank analysts have come out broadly positive on Royal Bank of Scotland’s agreement with UK and US financial regulators to pay a combined fine of £390 million to settle charges its investment banking arm manipulated Libor.

UBS's Zeltner targets new revenue streams for wealth management

As chief executive of UBS Wealth management since 2009, and head of what is now clearly the group’s most important business, Jürg Zeltner, looking more youthful than a 25-year veteran of the bank has any right to, speaks to Euromoney as one of the most powerful figures on the UBS group executive board.

Deals of the Year 2012

Global capital markets underwent a remarkable recovery last year as bond and equity markets soared, creating a fertile dealmaking environment that few had foreseen at the start of the year.

Does UBS need a second home market?

In its home market, UBS has aroused plenty of popular antipathy as an embarrassment to the country for its frequent stumbles in the past five years.