No time to lose on Sepa compliance

With mandatory Single Euro Payment Area compliance due in February 2014, laggard companies have little time to put their payment and remittances systems in order, especially those dealing with direct debits.

Middle East: Al Rajhi hits back

In an interview in his office in Riyadh, Suliman Azzabin, chief executive of Al Rajhi Bank, pours scorn on allegations that link his bank to terrorist financing repeated in the US Senate report on HSBC last year.

Small IPOs lead the revival in Hong Kong

The IPO market in Hong Kong is off to a strong start this year following the success of small IPOs such as Speedy Global, signalling the return of the retail investor.

The monetary union progress report: Europe versus US

As Europe speeds towards greater fiscal and monetary union, a process accelerated by the debt crisis, it’s worth remembering that it took close to 150 years for the world’s other great and enduring monetary union to take shape.

LTRO repayment sends mixed message on eurozone bank health

The European Central Bank’s announcement that 278 eurozone banks repaid €137.2 billion of their long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) borrowings on January 30 was seized upon by the market as supporting evidence for a broad range of contradictory positions.

Macaskill on markets: Fortress Defiant

The doubling of Lloyd Blankfein’s bonus for 2012 and the halving of Jamie Dimon’s payout was a sign of a return of the natural order of things on Wall Street.

The rise of the activist chairman

Regulators and shareholders are channelling their concerns over banks’ slow progress in shifting to new and sustainable business models to a new cadre of activist chairmen.