Greece: The cost of abandoning equal treatment

The Institute of International Finance’s principles for stable capital flows and fair debt restructuring set forth an approach to voluntary negotiations between distressed borrowers and their creditors based on transparency, dialogue, good-faith negotiations and equal treatment.

Sideways: Trying to square the ‘truth circle’

More coals were heaped on the head of Johnny Cameron after the details in December’s FSA report on the failure of RBS revealed how little he appeared to understand the mechanics of structured credit when he was head of global banking and markets at the firm.

VCP builds a business on its USP

Vienna Capital Partners believes that its unique selling point as a local, independent adviser across CEE gives it the upper hand in the face of international competitors.

ICBC International: The epitome of cool

Mary MacLeod jumped companies and cultures to join ICBC International as deputy CEO – and became the most powerful foreign banker in China, with an eye on global dominance.

Global finance: Running on empty

As the European bank-funding crisis pushes banks to fund themselves ever shorter-term, concerns are growing that collateral, the lifeblood of all secured borrowing, is running out.