Analysts from leading independent research group Ned Davis Research look at the prospects for financial markets and the global economy in 2012 and beyond, and shine a light on the distressed US fiscal situation which has been overlooked during the eurozone crisis

Egypt’s future 'grim'

Emerging markets are set to perform highly against their developed counterparts next year as the eurozone crisis eases, but analysts at Barclays Capital warn that business will remain risky in Egypt while the political situation remains uncertain

Sideways: Nominees try to be Wall Street smart

The decision by Congressman Barney Frank not to seek re-election to the US House of Representatives next year could result in an unexpected financial windfall for some employees of Goldman Sachs.

UK building societies face funding challenge

Given that larger financial institutions have become reliant on covered bonds as a source of funding, what does this mean for smaller institutions that might not have covered bond or securitization programmes?

The ECB lays down its conditions

Investors, economists, politicians and other policy-makers across Europe and the rest of the world are calling ever more urgently for the ECB to step in and buy European government bonds.

ECB: The end of the last resort

Politicians and market participants, seeing investors turn their backs on the EFSF and abandon the European government bond markets, are pressing the ECB to save the day and increase its buying.