ISDA slams sovereign CDS critics

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association hits back in defence of sovereign credit-default-swaps in ramped up press offensive

Tusk win affirms confidence in Poland

Poland’s elections threw up some colourful characters – notably Janusz Palikot, the former vodka tycoon famous for attending press conferences with a dildo in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Asia’s banks not investors' financial utopia

Investment in Asian banks could seem the correct course of action at a time when Western banks are struggling to stay profitable, but investors in Asia might be trading one set of problems for another

Investment banking: Do more due diligence

Consultants hired by banks to help vet potential clients for initial listing say some investment banks are spending less than ever on due diligence, even as more fraudulent companies are exposed.

Greece reaches crossroads

Analysts hint at the possibility of a military coup, while economists agree with eurozone leaders that there is no other alternative to the deal agreed on the second Greece bailout package.

Credit Suisse axes 1,500 jobs

Swiss investment bank axes hundreds more jobs in investment banking to concentrate on the less risky private banking business